PIPS:lab's Luma2solator

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The Luma2solator is an installation, which enables the audience to make lightpaintings/grafittis, and to contribute them to the installation.
The audience is the artist, and becomes the subject. Fuck PIPS:lab, you're the artist.
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The Luma2solator uses a revolutionairy technique, invented and developed by PIPS:lab, which is a realtime equivalent of the photographic principle of an open shutter; one can see what one is doing.
(small example of the lumalive technique)

The Luma2solator has an onboard flash, which captures the artist within his lightpainting. The installation shows all the works when it is idle.

The Lumasolator, the precessor of the L2r, made use of a digital photo camera, and did show realtime feedback. Only after the recording process, the work was reveiled to the user. The installation, constructed for a digital grafitti expo in grafitti expo in Gallery Mama in Rotterdam, was very successfull. It recorded more than 2000 'lightgrafs' at this exhibition, and more than 3000 at the Backjumps event in Berlin. It was styled after a gameconsole, and used light-spraycans as it tools.

Small movie of the old Lumasolator

Next to the realtime feature, the Luma2solator is enhanced with an 'animation' and 'beat' modus, which invites the user to, and guides him in the proces of making four images, which are shown in a rhythmical sequence after recording. The shape of installation has changed to a space with a black traingle which shows the workspace, and a projectionscreen which shows the images. It uses lightsabres and lightmarkers next to the lightspraycans.

The Luma2solator exists in a serie of 3. (Luma2solator, Luma2solator2 and Luma2solator3)

Few snippets of the Luma2solator:
Quicktime VR representation
Luma2solator2 in Rome
Part of the videopromo of the Yule light festival.
Videosnapshot during the opening in C3 galery, Budapest.
2700+ Lumasol works, C3 budapest
Lumasol works, Lichtkunst aus kunstlicht ZKM

Mama Gallery Rotterdam '03
DIY Rozentheater '03
Djazzadelic '03
Kunstbende '03
Backjumps the live issue- Berlin '03
Target Vishal Haarlem '03
Gamefest Utrecht '03

C3 (C3, Boedapest, Hungary) 22/10 t/m 18/12/'04
"EPN De concensus" (Slot Loevestein, Poederoijen) 22/11/'04
"Coolhunters" exhibition (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany) 22/04 t/m 3/7/'04
"Yule Festival" (Grote Kerk, Amsterdam) 20/12 t/m 23/20 "Onderwijs Innovatieseminar" (ThinkQuest, PTT Museum, The Hague) 27/05/'05
"Backjumps The Live Issue 2" (Berlijn, Germany) 20/08 t/m 16/10/'05
"Texelse Boys" (Lowlands, Biddinghuizen) 19 t/m 21/08/'05
"E-Day" (VNU, Convention Centre, Amsterdam) 12/10/'05
"Nachten van het Licht" (Plantage Dok, Amsterdam) 16 t/m 26-12-'05
"Coolhunters" exhibition (Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Germany) 21 t/m 16-10-'05
"Lichtkunst aus kunstlicht" exhibition (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany) 19-11-'05 t/m 6-8-'06

"Coolhunters" exhibition (Mucsarnok, Budapest, Hungary) 21-03 t/m 28-05-'05